Top 10 Iced Teas Sample Pack and Teaware


Created by August Uncommon Tea

The best iced tea you could imagine is right at your fingertips. The assortment of tea blends in this sample back blend taste great on ice. 


All kits include the top ten iced tea blends: 

  • Dots and Loops: Bright black tea with green apple and fennel
  • Biarritz: Velvety rooibos with amaretto and orange blossom
  • Tropic of Capricorn: Aromatic green tea with dragonfruit and melon
  • Metropolitan: Vibrant black tea with bergamot, plum and clove
  • Low Country: Strong black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes
  • Silencio: Spicy black tea with pineapple and tobacco notes
  • Know by Heart: White tea with orange blossom, almond and honey
  • Dark Iris: Rich oolong with peach, pistachio and lime
  • Black Metallic: Floral black tea with violet and elderberry notes
  • Heartbreaker: Nutty rooibos tea with apple rose and mint

Materials & Care

  • Loose teas
  • Makes a total of 150 cups of tea
  • Includes Tea Brewer

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