No. 2598 The Ranch Candle


Created by Aerangis LLC

The Scent: 

Warm, inviting, and a little spicy, this scent envelopes your home with notes of pipe tobacco, aged leather, and old books. Hints of green cypress and pepper provide a contrasting, airy freshness similar to a blast of fresh country air.


    • 8 oz: 50 hrs approx burn time

    The Notes

    • Top: Tobacco leaf, cypress, pepper, patchouli
    • Middle: Leather, olibanum, sandalwood, amber
    • Base: Leather, suede, incense, cedarwood 

    The Memory

    We affectionately refer to our home and vineyard in upstate New York as The Ranch. It was our dream to furnish it with old vintage books, worn leather chairs, and fragrant firewood in order to create a stark contrast to the modernity of the City. The Ranch remains our cherished retreat, redolent of pipe tobacco, cigars, and burning fireplace, diluted only by the occasional fresh green scent of the outdoors.

    Why Liz Loves It

    Fill your home with warmth and memories with all these amazing scents!

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